Updated Monday January 26, 2015 by Angela Holland.


The following is the policy of the Oak Ridge Youth Association (ORYA):

  • The ORYA is committed to provide a safe environment and to prevent child abuse and sexual misconduct. 
  • The ORYA will make every reasonable effort to ensure that every person involved in coaching/training a sport activity will abide by the SafeKids guidelines. 
  • The ORYA will make every reasonable effort to exclude any adult with a legally documented history of child abuse/molestation or any other record that would bring unnecessary risk to the health and safety of the participants of this organization. Therefore, every person applying for a position as a coach/trainer must complete Employee Disclosure Statement (see attached).
  • The ORYA will take appropriate action on all allegations of child abuse and/or sexual misconduct. All allegations will be reported immediately to the authorities for investigation and will cooperate fully with any such investigation.

To follow is a list of preventive measures which should be taken:

  • Physical, mental, and verbal abuses are forbidden. 
  • Inappropriate touching is forbidden. 
  • Coaches/trainers should not socialize with the participants outside of the sponsored activities of the organization with out another adult or parent present. 
  • Coaches/trainers should not ride solo with a child. 
  • Parents are encouraged to attend sponsored activities. 
  • If a child needs special attention (one - on - one), do it with the assistance of another adult.

Board Requirements